Who We Are

The Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism, a registered charitable organization, is a recognized leader in the field of autism, providing service excellence in therapy, education, research, and awareness to children, youth, and their families. We provide intensive, comprehensive, and individualized therapeutic and educational programs to each of our learners based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)- an evidence based intervention in the treatment of autism symptoms.

We believe that every child affected by autism deserves an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. We take a personal and nurturing approach in our interactions with each of our learners to ensure that maximum individual development can take place, all within a warm, welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment.

Our Approach

We aim to provide the most effective, high quality, evidence-based services that are family focused and individualized.

Caregivers are the most important part of a child’s development. To that end, we involve parents in the entire process; from goal setting to practicing skills at home and beyond. We believe that collaboration between a child’s family, school, and other service providers is essential to consistent and effective care as well as best outcomes for treatment.

We celebrate uniqueness. We strongly believe that each child is an individual. They have their strengths, their interests, their perspectives and their own needs. We do not apply a broad curriculum nor do we expect any child to fall in line with protocols. We tailor each learner’s goals specifically to their needs and align these with the values of the families. We build skills so that each learner may be able to access more of the world that they want to. We monitor goals and achievements closely so that we can pivot quickly if unsuccessful.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of those impacted by autism, through compassionate, evidence-based services.

Our Vision

Creating Hope. Building futures. Unlocking potential.

Our Values


Focus on awareness, treatment and education, in order to support as many individuals living with autism and their families as possible


Adaptable, open-minded and moving forward with our learners and science to inform best practices


Working with families, stakeholders, professionals and our community to create the best environment for each individual


A leader in creating new programs based on the most current information to ensure we are providing the best programs and solutions to our learners and their families


Providing family-centered care; focusing on developing a safe learning environment and a strong, empathic relationship with each individual


Relying on empirical evidence to guide our programming so that each individual has access to the most effective therapy possible


Assessment and Diagnosis

ABA/IBI Program

Inclusion Program

Youth Program

Parent Coaching Program

Academic Remediation/ Tutoring Services

Social Explorers Club

Friendship Club

Master Minds Academic Club

Focused ABA Packages- Feeding, Toileting & Sleep Training Support

“It’s difficult for me to write about Shining Through without getting emotional. They are absolute life changers and the staff that work there are nothing short of amazing. They have taught my son important life skills that were impossible to teach on our own…They gave us back hope, after a life altering ASD diagnosis. They have been an unwavering support system to our family during our most difficult days. They are like extended family and we are extremely grateful for all they do for our son. I can’t think of a more deserving charity than the Shining Through Centre for Children with Autism.”

“It’s been so nice to see how happy she is when we drop her off, and just to see that she is at a place where they love her and she is learning. “

“It’s indescribable when you first get that diagnosis, but we also remember the doctors saying that he wouldn’t achieve much, that he wouldn’t have friends, he wouldn’t get a job. As parents we couldn’t accept that so we started researching centres that we could go to and we were so happy that we found Shining Through…And the boy the doctor said would never speak is now going to college full-time and we couldn’t be more proud! We owe everything to the dedicated staff at Shining Through.”

“Now I can talk and I can learn!”


“Shining Through has really helped me with a lot of challenges. Thanks to them I’ve gotten better, I’ve grown up, a lot has changed”


 “I’ve heard a lot of he or she can’t do that from parents, but as therapists we don’t believe in that. We know that we can teach these kids the things that they love doing and the things that will help them succeed in life. There is no impossible for us, we just need to figure out how they learn best and how we’re going to get it done.”

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